Since 1973 P.A.C. has been among the leaders in the market for PCBs (Printed Circuit Board), with features that everyone says they have but few can demonstrate of having:

Reliability, balance between quality and price and on-time deliveries.

For more than thirty years the company has met the demands of the electronic, automation, power, robotics, telecommunications, and lighting sectors in order to expand its horizons and be in a position to watch and become part of the evolution of this market, directly developing new production processes and systems aimed at implementing small, medium and large series of high quality printed circuit boards.

To achieve what is described above, a few important aspects must not be underestimated:

All of our employees follow ongoing professional training courses, targeted to their duties, giving them all the information and updates to work with great professionalism in every project.

The various production departments are organized and checked against accurate specifications and always maintained in line with the highest standards. Only in this manner we believe it is possible to monitor everything to operate with maximum efficiency and to reduce as much as possible any waste of time.

Our company operates with the highest technology for the production and special processes of printed circuit boards, from the design to the laminate cutting up all the way to direct metalization or galvanic treatment with chemical finishes such as tin and gold.

Every stage of production is closely monitored by our technicians that can act at any time on the production process of the printed circuit board, optimizing any details required by the customers.

All the P.A.C. staff reached a standard that matches this statement: .... Quality means doing things right when no one is watching you.